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There it is…Now where is it?

Friday Foto Contest Time. Where in Flint is that building?

Be the first to guess correctly in our comments and you will win a fabulous Flint Club t-shirt! Our winner will be announced on Monday. Good Luck and happy guessing.

Have a fun and safe Halloween Weekend.


Spooktacular Three-For-All

It is Thursday Three-For-All time here at the Flint Club, and with Halloween this weekend we thought we would revisit our haunted city.

1. This has been mostly dis-proven but it was a persisting legend for many years here in Flint. The Holiday Inn-Express on Robert T. Longway was rumored to have been built on a cemetery that was abandoned, when construction began on the building the workers there found human remains. The story persists that the building is now haunted by the deceased still beneath the foundation.

2. The Whaley House. The story is that during the remodel of the Whaley House a contractor experienced a strange phenomena.  A plastic tarp launched itself over the second floor banister, the tarp then hung in mid-air for an extended period of time, before drifting down to the ground.

3. The Durant-Dort Office Building. That’s right, our very own office. The staff here has experienced many strange happenings while we are here in the evenings. Footsteps heard on the floor above us, doors closing, odd sounds. Is it the ghosts of Mr. Durant and Mr. Dort? Who knows…

What’s Happening Halloween Weekend

That’s right it is Halloween Weekend this weekend, so let’s take a look at what is happening in Flint this weekend…

-The FIA will be showing Ondine this weekend, October 28th-30th at 9pm on Thursday and 10pm on Friday and Saturday. Colin Farrell, mermaids, and directed by Neil Jordan, check it out if you get a chance.

-This is the last weekend for Halloween Ghosts and Goodies out at Crossroads Village, if you have never been to Crossroads for Halloween you owe it to yourself to go.

-The Skelebration of Scares will be happening at the Lunch Studio on the 29th from 7pm-10pm. Stories, art, music, and best of all, it’s free!

-The Sloan Museum will be having the Really Gross Game Show on the 30th at 1pm. Put your knowledge of the human body to the test!

-SOMI will be performing at The Whiting on the 30th at 8pm.

-And don’t forget! If you live in the City of Flint, Halloween will be observed on Saturday, October 30th from 5pm-8pm.

Have a great Halloween weekend, and be safe out there.

Wherever Is This?

It is Friday Foto Contest Time! Where in Flint is this?

If you are the first person to guess correctly, you will be the winner of a fancy new Flint Club t-shirt.  Just leave your guess in our comments section. The winner will be announced on Monday.

Good luck, and have a great weekend!

A Flint Club Special Offer

It is Thursday, and we are kicking off our professional development series this evening at 6:30pm here at the Flint Club office. Here is the link to the event!/event.php?eid=154171471286288

Instead of the Thursday Three-For-All that usually appears in this space, we are going to have a Thursday buy one get one free-for-all. Here is how it works. Come to the professional development series tonight, it is normally $5 for Flint Club members $10 for non-members. If you are a non-member, you can attend our 4th Friday Breakfast the next morning for free! And because we want to thank our current members for their support, your admission to tonight’s event is free too!

How about that for a deal?

The best deal is to just become a Flint Club member if you are not already. Membership forms will be available at tonight’s event, see you there.