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Pen Pal Mentor Program

Did you know that Flint Club has a Pen Pal Mentor Program? You didn’t? Well now you do.

All school year long Flint Club members from around the country volunteer to be a pen pal mentor to a student in the Flint schools. This year the program is at Scott Elementary School in the split sixth grade class, of 38 students in total.

During the school year the students get a letter every week from their mentor. The students then write a letter back to their mentor. Not only does the program help increase the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of the students, but they are learning valuable life lessons along the way. And we are pretty sure that the Flint Club mentors themselves are learning as well.

There are only a few months left in this school year but Flint Club is always looking for great members to volunteer a bit of time each week to add something special to the life of a Flint student.

This program would not be possible without the time and monetary contributions of our mentors this year. And for that we thank you.


4th Friday Breakfast, March Edition

An early spring snowstorm did not ice over the conversation at Flint Club’s 4th Friday Breakfast this morning at Hoffman’s Deco Deli & Cafe. A group of dedicated Flint residents discussed the rewards and challenges of living in Flint. Our conversation this morning opened with “Why do we live here?”  Mirroring last month’s discussion many said simply they live here in the Flint area because it is “home”.  The group felt a deep connection to family roots, a fulfilling connection to a job or organization, and Flint’s potential continued opportunity for growth.  The standard gems of Flint were also mentioned, like the Cultural Center. But also new gems were mentioned like all of the new downtown eateries and living spaces.

A great comment from a Flint Club member was “Flint is now an option.” Meaning that when people consider where they are going to go for food, entertainment, etc. Flint is now considered in that decision making process. The member elaborated that the continued success of businesses that have located to our area shows that Flint is moving in the right direction towards sustainability.

Knowing that improvements need to be made in the areas of crime, jobs, and infrastructure the number one issue that seems to consistently confront Flint area residents is that of the negative image of the city that they are constantly bombarded with from the media and from residents outside of our area.  Another Flint Club member said that it is difficult hearing the negative all of the time but that with “time, patience, and one positive story at a time, people will be gin to see what we see.”

Thank you to everyone that attended our breakfast this morning for a wonderful and lively conversation. Thank you to Hoffman’s Deco Deli & Cafe for the wonderful food, and thank you to Dan Oginsky of ITC Holdings for making our breakfast possible.


Your Free 4th Friday Breakfast Is This Friday

Please be our guest for the 4th Friday Breakfast this Friday March 25th at 7:30am.

Last month we talked about Flint as a hometown and what we can all do to make our city more inviting. This month we will be discussing the rewards and challenges of deciding to live in Flint. Whether you live in the city or outside of the city, we all have something to contribute to the discussion.

University of Michigan-Flint student and Carriage town resident Cade Surface has made the decision to call Flint home. And works to make his city more sustainable and attractive to students and young professionals. He will be leading our discussion on Flint as a livable city.

This Friday March 25th, from 7:30am-9:00am at Hoffman’s Deco Deli & Cafe.

Here is the link to the 4th Friday Facebook event so you can RSVP

We Think We See Green Friday Foto Contest

We think there might be some green sprouting up in this picture, or it may be that yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and we saw green everywhere.  Regardless, here is your photo mystery for this Friday. If you are the first person to guess, in the comment section for this post, the correct location in the above photo, you will be our big winner. What will you win? You will find out on Monday, when we reveal the winner.

There will be no Friday Foto next week because we know you will all be busy at our 4th Friday breakfast at Hoffman’s.

Good luck,  and have a great weekend.

More Snow…More Friday Foto Contest

When will the snow end? We don’t know, but hope that it is soon. We really have had enough.

So while we wait for green grass and sunny skies, let’s pass the time by unraveling a mystery. Do you know where the above picture was taken? If you do, and are the first person to guess correctly in the comments for this post, you will win the Friday Foto Contest. What is the prize? That is a mystery too, last week was a gift certificate. This week…maybe some more snow. The winner and the prize will be announced on Monday.

Good luck, have a great weekend.