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Board Member? You?

Flint Club Board of Directors is looking for active individuals to serve on the Board.

We invite member input on identifying qualified and motivated nominees and encourage each Flint Club member to consider serving as a Board member or officer to help Flint Club continue to meet its mission. To apply please submit a current resume and a statement of interest to



You may have recently seen the news report on abc12, or the article in the Flint Journal about our new initiative entitled I AM FLINT. If you have not, you can see the TV report here:  and the Journal story here and are now looking for some more information. Good! You have come to the right place.

The I AM FLINT project grew out of a conversation between a few members of Flint Club at the begining of June. We were discussing all the negative national headlines about Flint, it being the crime capital, and the perception that the city was some type of dystopian post apocalyptic landscape. Since we live here and we don’t have that feeling, and in fact we had the opposite feeling, we thought it might be a good idea to show the rest of the world and the country that it was not a real life Mad Max movie here. That residents of Flint were not huddled in their homes waiting to be robbed, or scurrying from safe haven to safe haven, but were in fact going about their lives, going to work, contributing to their community, enjoying the city.

So we decided to show that to ourselves and to the world. To show ALL of Flint. Yes there is crime, yes there is poverty, and people are struggling here everyday, no one here thinks otherwise. But people also play with their children in the front yard of their house, or volunteer in the community, they create amazing works of art, they create stunning  performances from tragedy like the EMBERS project. Most people go to work everyday, and drive our economic engine forward here in the city.  And we want to show that they are Flint too. We hope in some small way this can make an impact right here in out city and around the country about who we are here in this community.

Would you like to get involved? Maybe you would like to be featured in one of the videos enjoying something in the city, or you want to volunteer behind the scenes. Or maybe you would like to make a monetary contribution. We work on a shoestring budget, and anything you could contribute to help defray the expenses for the videos would be greatly appreciated. Regardless, anyway you can contribute would be great. If you want to get involved just drop us a comment on this post about how you would like to help and we will take it from there.