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Pics From Today’s Field Trip!

“A Better Flint” field trip was a smashing success!

Today, Flint Club had a field trip for the students who participated in the “A Better Flint” program. The students have been working all year to put together a proposal about what they see in Flint and how it can be improved. The students started out with a visit to the Flint Crêpe Company, where they learned about the difference between savory and sweet crepes, and had a chance to have a blended mocha, which most of them enjoyed a lot!

The next stop was across the street to Buckham Gallery, where they got a chance to view the exhibits that were up as well as their own exhibit. The students seemed very excited to be in an art gallery and spent a lot of time gazing at different photos and exhibits and excitedly running from one end of the gallery to another (I know you’re not supposed to run in a gallery, but it was  just this one time!) Desiree Duell of Buckham spoke to the students about contemporary art, and gave them a great understanding of different types and mediums of art. Mayor Dayne Walling showed up, and the kids seemed to be in awe…a hush fell over  students who were so boisterous just moments before! Presentations from several students spoke about the impact the program had on them, and how they envisioned Flint changing.  Mayor Walling encouraged the students to keep participating in neighborhood events, and thinking of ways to make their community better!

Finally, we headed down the stairs to Pages Bookstore where Marta Mathews talked to the students about what it takes to go into business,  and reminded the students that even if they go into business for themselves, they still need training, and education is still very important, especially until they graduate high school. Students once again seemed to be entranced by the fact that the bookstore owner did not have to report to anybody else… she worked for herself and her money was are all her own! There are lots of pictures that were taken during today’s event!  They will be posted very soon!

No 4th Friday Breakfast This Month

4th Friday Breakfast, May 25, 2012 is cancelled.  We’ll see you next month: Friday, June 29 at 7:30 am at Hoffman’s ! Enjoy your holiday!

Flint Club “A Better Flint” Field Trip Next Thursday!

Flint Club’s Youth Forum is winding down for the year, and it’s time for the students to showcase all their hard work!

Board Member FaLessia Booker and faithful Flint Club member Sue Schmidt have co-chaired Flint Club’s Youth Forum project and began mentoring a class of sixth grade students in Sherry Trepanier’s class at Scott Elementary last November. The first year of the new Youth Forum project was themed “A Better Flint” and challenged the students to claim ownership of the city, starting with their neighborhoods. Initially the future looked bleak, as none of the students in class reported they wanted to remain in Flint after turning 18. The program set out to change the numbers by having students identify six key areas that they wanted to see change in Flint:

  • Crime
  • Safety
  • Poverty
  • City Cleanliness
  • Peer Pressure/Bullying
  • Health

Each month they covered three of the issues and discussed what the problems were and possible solutions that the students themselves could implement. The discussions were very thoughtful, and generated a lot of positive ideas, which were then crafted into a proposal to present to local leadership at City Hall. Artists in the class illustrated before and after pictures of each issue, which Buckham Gallery graciously agreed to display in a week long exhibit May 14-18, 2012.

Thursday, May 17, the students will be bussed downtown to view their artwork on display at Buckham Gallery, and present their ideas in person to Mayor Dayne Walling.  The public is welcome to join the presentation at Buckham Gallary, held at Noon. The presentation will be just one of the exciting experiences the students have that day!

Before going to Buckham, Flint Crepe Company owner Robb Klaty invited the students to his business for a mini crepe tasting. Students will sample savory and sweet crepes, as well as non-caffeinated blended drinks. Later, following the presentation, students will visit Pages Bookstore, where owner Tracy Atkinson will give them a tour and talk about what being a small business owner in Flint means to her.

Today when asked, students that participated in the Youth Forum have begun to change their own views on Flint and the possibility of continuing to live in the City they call home long after school is out…