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4th Friday Breakfast is this Friday!

Global Women's  SummitLearn about the Global Women’s Summit happening right here in Flint this September!  Former Flint Club Board Member, Shuntai Beaugard will be bringing women’s issues to a whole new platform here in Flint, MI.

At 4th Friday this week, we will be discussing how this event came about and details from sponsors to speakers.  We’ll also discuss the Outstanding Leadership Award, whose 2012 recipients at the summit include Former Governor Jennifer Granholm, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Cindy Estrada, Jeanne Fowler and Melany Gavulic.  To learn more, go to the Michigan GWS website.

As always, 4th Fridays are held at Hoffman’s Deco Deli & Cafe,  503 Garland Street, Flint, MI 48503.  Coffee, breakfast orders and networking start at 7:30am, and the speaker will begin at 8am.