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“I Am Flint” introduces you to Chris Everson!

Exciting news! The “I Am Flint” project, in collaboration with Flint Voices, are pleased to present our next installment:  Flint Local 432 co-founder Chris  Everson. Hear Chris share his Flint story here.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other “I am Flint” videos:

Dick Ramsdell, Erycka Hunter, Peter Lemelin, Sophia Janell, and David McGhee.

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4th Friday Breakfast comes early this month…and in December!

Due to the holiday season, we normally cancel 4th Friday Breakfast in November and December. This year, we are pleased to continue 4th Friday Breakfast through year’s end with one caveat…it will be held on the THIRD Friday in both months!

So, that means that Third Friday Breakfast is this week! On Friday, join us at Hoffman’s Deco Deli, 503 Garland St.,  at 7:30 am to welcome Andrew and James from the Flint Public Art Project! They’ll let us know about current projects and events, and tell us how we can get involved! Don’t sleep in…come out and join us this Friday, November 16th!

Flint Club Membership Presentation

We had a great time at our Membership meeting on October 29th!

If you missed it, you still can learn all about the goals, values, mission, and vision of Flint Club, along with information about our core programs! Check it out here: Flint Club Membership Presentation

A copy of this document can always be found on our “About” page.

A fun event for a worthy cause! This weekend!Walk a Thon