About Us

About Flint Club

Flint Club was founded in 2001 as a positive platform for promoting Flint, Michigan and the dedicated organizations and individuals who make it a great place to live, work and play.  Founders created the organization as a vehicle for members and non-members to engage in programming which enhances the social fabric of the community.  Like Flint, Flint Club has been through a series of evolutions from an organization with a full-time executive director and contract staff to the current organization which is run and administered by volunteers.  In 2012, the four member board and other key stakeholders engaged in a planning process with the BEST Project.  At that time, the board reviewed the mission, vision and values for the organization and developed key strategies for moving the organization forward and clearly distinguishing it from other community efforts.  Flint Club leadership will focus on five organizational goals and three programs in 2012 and 2013 which aim to support the renewed Flint Club mission and community engagement efforts.

Flint Club focuses on promoting Flint through positive stories, community programs and new opportunities to attract and retain committed, talented people who make Flint a flourishing place to live, work and play. Our efforts nurture community pride through an emphasis on Flint’s rich history, the importance of active citizens and sharing positive developments across the city.


We, at Flint Club, believe Flint is a unique, diverse and versatile city with a rich history of reinvention and perseverance.  Flint Club aims to ensure talented individuals continue to participate in the city and actively contribute to the transformation of Flint.  Flint Club highlights the positive and uplifting events in our community and presents programming that enhances the progress of the city toward becoming great once again. To this end, we collaborate with those who envision Flint as a flourishing city; friendly to business, safe for all citizens and exciting in which to live, work and play.

We, at Flint Club, value…

  • Pride in the past, present and future of our community:  Flint, Michigan
  • Diverse programming and membership
  • Integrity and respect for individual differences and opinions
  • Voices from those who currently live inside the community and those who are part of the global Flint community
  • Working with partners and collaborators to make Flint a flourishing place to live, work and play
  • Using technology as an affordable, accessible platform for our work

Want to know what Flint Club members do, and where we’re going?  Click here: Flint Club Membership Presentation

Interested in joining us? Click here: 2012 Membership Flyer

Our Leadership

Flint Club Board

Board Chairs:

  • Fundraising – FaLessia Booker
  • Finance & Treasurer – Christopher Estes
  • Social Media Coordinator – Anne Schultz
  • Membership Coordinator – Open
  • Partnership & Community Coordinator- Miya Banks
  • Secretary – Open
  • President – Todd Lamb

E-mail Us:


Mailing Address:

Flint Club
124 W. First St.
Flint, MI 48502

We are housed at the Red Ink/Flint Local 432 building and you are welcome to visit us by appointment.

  1. Hello Flint Club my name is Danielle Green and I am Flint. I was born and raised here and I want to do my part to make a difference. Presently I am the CEO/President of Empower a non-profit organization for youth, I am also the Co-Director of My Dreams Do Come true. I am a Self Published Author of Coulda Woulda Shoulda, a story about being born in raised in Flint. Check out my websites. http://empoweringouryouth.org/ and http://imagepublicationsdg.com/
    Also I would love to purchase a I am Flint Tee-shirt in a size small. Lastly I would like more information on the the position of Parnership & Community Coordinator. Feel free to contact my by e-mail or Phone 810 336-7208

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