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Michigan Corp’s Executive Director Elizabeth Garlow

Michigan Corp’s Executive Director, Elizabeth Garlow to join Flint Club during this months 4th Friday on September 27, 2013.

In support of Flint Club’s on-going mission to “promote programs…. that attract and retain talented individuals who want to make Flint a flourishing place to live work and play” Flint Club as a part of a consortium of local collaborators introduced KIVA Flint to our city.  Kiva Flint “empowers citizens to nominate and lend to small businesses $25 at a time.

Elizabeth Garlow

In so doing, Kiva Flint extends a unique opportunity for current and former Flint area residents everywhere to connect to one another and to small businesses in the state.”    Since we introduced this to Flint in April KIVA Flint has helped 5 entrepreneurs in the local area achieve their entrepreneurial dreams by providing $5000.00 micro loans to help them begin or expand their businesses.

This month our 4th Friday’s Breakfast Speaker will be Elizabeth Garlow, Executive Director of Michigan Corp who introduced Kiva Michigan to our state.  After creating KIVA Michigan Elizabeth introduced the KIVA Program to Detroit.  Since then she has taken this entrepreneur building program on the road and expanded into Flint and other communities.   So if you or someone you know has a business idea and needs funding to help you get the idea off the ground then this is for you!  Come and learn what KIVA Flint is all about and how you can achieve that most difficult step of funding your dream.    Read the rest of this entry