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Wrap-up of the weekend that was

Flint Club is on Kickstarter

Flint Club is starting a new initiative.

The “I am Flint” project focuses on the city of Flint, Michigan. After all of the labels the national media has given our city, we’d like to take those labels and stereotypes and show that it is just a small part of what Flint is all about.

We intend to put faces to the city of Flint by using the art form of video and still images of citizens showing their rich full life from each corner of the city and that they are what make our city great by stating the simple phrase “I am Flint.” It’s about telling each other and the world who we are, that we have pride in our city and will not let outside influences determine who we are as a community.

We plan to use video to show that citizens of Flint are involved in their community and lead rich full lives here in the city, The video itself will juxtapose the notion of the most violent city in the United States against our engaged citizens working every day to make a difference in their community and their homes. We need funding to make this project a reality, and hopefully grow this video into a series of videos all focused on what Flint is really made of, the people, not the headlines. The funding will go towards equipment, web hosting, licenses, travel and as a seed to continue this project into the future.

You can see the entire presentation here

We implore everyone to go take a look and tell your friends to as well, and consider becoming a backer for this project. We are all in this together, and with your help we can show the world we really are more than crime and despair. We are a community of people making Flint better day by day.




What Is happening At Genesee Towers This Friday?

On July 8, as a culmination of this month’s downtown ArtWalk, the condemned 19-story Genesee Towers will come to life with music, performances, light installations, video projections, and a parade to the river. A demonstration of the new city emerging downtown, the event marks the beginning of the Flint Public Art Project, a 10-year program of events, installations, performances, social sculptures, and new buildings to amplify the regeneration process underway in the city.

This free event will feature performances inside the tower by the Fischer Bodies, the Hula Hoops, JonBenet, and the Clio Girls, video and photography projections by Eric Hinds, Tara Moreno, and New York-based multimedia artist Chris Jordan, lighting installations by Dave Johnson, and a laser-and light installation by Brooklyn-based artist Raphaele Shirley illuminating the riverfront. Much more to be confirmed later.

You can support this project by making a small donation or “liking” us at or by “liking” us on

This event is being realized with the support and participation of Red Ink Flint, Buckham Gallery, the Creative Alliance, Paradigm Attractions, Gazall Lewis Architects, THA Architects, the Stockton Center at Spring Grove, the Carriage Town Historic Neighborhood Association, the Flint River Corridor Alliance, The Flint Club, the U of M Flint Outreach Office, the Flint Journal, Uptown Developments, the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Flint Youth Theater, the Flint Insitute of Arts, the Greater Flint Arts Council, Genesee County Land Bank, the Downtown Development Authority, the City of Flint, and Michael Moore.

The Flint Public Art Project is a program of Red Ink Flint.

A Very Special Announcement

Do you recognize the above photo? It was from our Friday Foto Contest this past Friday, now with the sign on the building revealed. It is the Flint Area Convention and Visitors Bureau in downtown Flint on the corner of First St and Church St. There was a specific reason we chose this location for our photo contest last week. The reason being that this is our new home. That’s right we have moved!

We are now sharing space and resources with the FACVB, and we could not be more excited. We are sure you have a few questions and we want to answer them so look below for our Anticipatory FAQ about our move.

Why did you move? There were several reasons we decided to move to a new location. First we were offered the space here at the FACVB, and if you have ever been in the building you know that it is a wonderful space in a great location. Secondly, our mission here at Flint Club and the mission of the Flint Area Convention and Visitors Bureau are similar. We are excited to be here in the same physical location working to make Flint a desirable place to live, work, and play; alongside the FACVB who work to let the world know where to stay, and where to play here in the Flint area. And finally the move was a financial one as well. We loved the place that we were in at the Durant-Dort Building, but our Executive Director, and our Board of Directors felt that in order to use your donations in the most responsible way possible, a shared office setting was the way to go.

Are you part of the Flint Area Convention and Visitors Bureau now? No. Flint Club is still Flint Club. We are here physically at the FACVB and  in the future we may collaborate on a few initiatives, but we are still our own separate entity.

Where do I mail something to you? Our mailing address has not changed, you can still send any correspondence (like your membership donation) to Flint Club P.O. Box 7604 Flint, MI 48507.

How do I call you now? In the short term, you can call (810) 232-8900 and press 0 for the operator and she will connect you to us.

Now, back to unpacking!

It’s Our Spring Membership Drive

Dear Flint Club Supporter,

This year Flint Club is celebrating its ten year anniversary. Our organization has faced many challenges and has has many triumphs over the past ten years. The reason for our success has been the ability of our organization to change, and adapt to new trends and emerging needs.
The reason this organization was begun was to provide a way to connect all the far flung members of our Flint community back to the Flint area, with the additional hope that they in some way, could give back to Flint, MI. As technology evolved over the past ten years, with the advent and current use of social networking sites, the need to have an organization to connect people with one another became obsolete. So Flint Club evolved, and became a force for positive change in Flint, MI as well as promoting a positive image to the rest of the world. Through the efforts of Flint Club, and countless other groups, positive change began to happen in Flint, MI.

We know there is much work to still be done in creating the lasting positive changes that will make Flint, MI a truly great place to live, work, and play. It is because of this knowledge, and Flint Club’s ability to adapt to new trends and emerging needs that we feel it is time to evolve to the next phase of our existence.

Flint is a wonderful incubator of talent. We have produced many talented individuals. The one thing most of them share, is that they leave Flint for brighter futures. Flint Club will be focused on developing and retaining our talent to create those brighter futures within the community in which they already live.

Yes, we know there are knee-jerk, easy answers, to retaining people in our city. More jobs, less crime, etc. But who provides the jobs? Big companies like General Motors? Or small start-up companies? Both? Does crime go down when more jobs are available? All those questions need answers. But before we can ask the specific questions, one big question looms over everything else…

The question is: Who is in charge of making Flint better? The answer: All of us.

Flint Club will be tackling the issue, of making Flint better by developing and retaining talent to our area. We know this is not an easy task, and that we face an uphill battle. That is why we are asking that you join us in this task, become a member of Flint Club today. Make the choice to be part of making our city a desirable place to live, work, and play.
You can become a member (it’s only $25 for the year)  over at the website

or you can print off the form and mail it along with your donation to:

Flint Club

P.O. Box 7604

Flint, MI 48507

Your Free 4th Friday Breakfast Is This Friday

Please be our guest for the 4th Friday Breakfast this Friday March 25th at 7:30am.

Last month we talked about Flint as a hometown and what we can all do to make our city more inviting. This month we will be discussing the rewards and challenges of deciding to live in Flint. Whether you live in the city or outside of the city, we all have something to contribute to the discussion.

University of Michigan-Flint student and Carriage town resident Cade Surface has made the decision to call Flint home. And works to make his city more sustainable and attractive to students and young professionals. He will be leading our discussion on Flint as a livable city.

This Friday March 25th, from 7:30am-9:00am at Hoffman’s Deco Deli & Cafe.

Here is the link to the 4th Friday Facebook event so you can RSVP