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3 things you maybe know about Flint

Bring Two To Breakfast

Our 4th Friday Breakfast is tomorrow. And we are doing something fun. There is a new movement around our fair city called Bring Two To Flint. So in the spirit of Bring Two To Flint we are inviting you to Bring Two To Breakfast. Bring two people with you that have never been to a 4th Friday breakfast before, maybe it is someone that keeps meaning to, and never quite makes it, or maybe it is someone that has never heard of our famous breakfast. Regardless, this is the month to bring them along.

Our discussion leader this month will be Terry Wisner. Terry is the President of the CPO Institute an organization in the business of helping your organization build stronger teams, improve sales and customer service and building stronger communities.

Terry is also the driving force behind Bring Two To Flint, and will talk about how this initiative got started, its success, and what all of us can do to help.

We look forward to seeing you at breakfast with your two!


It’s An Office Warming!

As you may know we recently moved our office. Now that we have settled in (mostly) we would love for you to come and check out our new space!

So next Wednesday June 1st starting at 5:30pm we are hosting an “office-warming”. Come over and see us, you will get a chance to tour the Flint Club space at the FACVB, enjoy some refreshments, and learn about Flint Club. Bring friends and colleagues too, we would love to meet them.

So here are the details:

WHEN: Wednesday June 1st from 5:30-7:30pm

WHERE: The new Flint Club offices at 502 Church St. Located inside the Flint Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

WHAT ELSE: We are asking for a tax deductible of donation of $10 if you are a Flint Club member, and if you are not, you can sign up to be a Flint Club member right on the spot (a year membership is only $25) You are the fuel that keeps Flint Club running and we cannot do this without you!

You can RSVP by calling 810-232-8900×160, by email, or on the Facebook event page

We look forward to seeing you!

Flint Is Not A Cautionary Tale

Recently a reporter from Detroit’s Fox 2 News came to Flint.

It seems the purpose of his report was to use Flint as a cautionary tale about what happens when cuts to public safety are enacted.  The headline of his report is Flint ‘Vehicle City’ Now America’s Murder City. This is not what we need. We get enough negative national attention, we don’t need it from our own backyard. This of course comes on the heels of a positive report about Flint from Kiplinger’s naming Flint as one of the 11 Comeback Cities for 2011, you can read about that here

In our opinion, the report from Detroit was mostly fear mongering that was vaguely inaccurate. It is mentioned in the report that only 6 officers are available to answer calls, when the reality is that there are more than 20 officers available to answer calls 24/7. We are not going to link to the actual report but it is found easily enough through your favorite search engine. But it is not the report itself that was troublesome to us, it was the fact that Flint was and continues to be used as a worst-case-scenario, with nary a mention of what we are doing about our problems.

Flint Club is located here in the heart of our city, we are aware of the issues, we do not have on rose colored glasses. We know there are many horrible heartbreaking stories of crime and poverty that affect the citizens of Flint on a daily basis. And yes it is important that we know about what is happening, it is part of being an informed citizen of your city. But… but… it should not stop there. What’s missing is how we as a city are rising to the challenges that we face.

Flint is not a cautionary tale, we are not a worst-case-scenario. We are and will continue to be an example of how a city rebounds from hardship. Before you think this is just a rah rah Flint let’s focus on the positive, we know we are not there yet, we know that, this is a work in progress, but we are moving in the right direction. You can see it everyday in the faces of the people of the city of Flint.

Our challenge to you is to hold your head up, know that progress is being made, and refuse to be part of that cautionary tale. You are not a worst-case scenario, you are an example of determination and action to make your city better than you found it. What will you do today to make that happen?

A Snow Three For All

Thursday Three-For-All during the first week of December, and it is snowing. So that gave us an idea for this weeks theme.

Did you know….

1. The average snowfall around the Flint area is 45 inches a year.

2. The lowest recorded temperature in Flint was -25 degrees.

3. The record for the largest one day snowfall in Michigan was recorded at the Herman weather station, and was 30 inches….of snow….in one day.

And now you know, so go enjoy the snow!

Spooktacular Three-For-All

It is Thursday Three-For-All time here at the Flint Club, and with Halloween this weekend we thought we would revisit our haunted city.

1. This has been mostly dis-proven but it was a persisting legend for many years here in Flint. The Holiday Inn-Express on Robert T. Longway was rumored to have been built on a cemetery that was abandoned, when construction began on the building the workers there found human remains. The story persists that the building is now haunted by the deceased still beneath the foundation.

2. The Whaley House. The story is that during the remodel of the Whaley House a contractor experienced a strange phenomena.  A plastic tarp launched itself over the second floor banister, the tarp then hung in mid-air for an extended period of time, before drifting down to the ground.

3. The Durant-Dort Office Building. That’s right, our very own office. The staff here has experienced many strange happenings while we are here in the evenings. Footsteps heard on the floor above us, doors closing, odd sounds. Is it the ghosts of Mr. Durant and Mr. Dort? Who knows…