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Children Are our Future! Learn how Whaley children’s Center helps severely abused and neglected children!

ImagePlease join us in welcoming Flint Club’s November 4th Friday’s Breakfast Series Speaker.  This month Kevin Roach, President and CEO of Whaley Children’s Center will be sharing the various programs that WCC provides to help relieve the affects of severe Child  abuse and neglect.  Whaley Children’s Center is a private, non profit residential child caring institution which serves children who have suffered chronic and profound abuse and neglect. The services provided to children and families include residential treatment, group homes,& family counseling and aftercare services. 

This is a great primer for attending WCC’s “World’s Greatest Office Party” held at the Holiday In Gateway Centre from 6:00 – 10:00 PM on December 5th.  So come and join your other loyal Flint Clubbers for some coffee and conversation as we learn more about this valued community resource.  HOFFMAN’S DECO DELI & CAFE is located at 503 S. Garland St., Flint, MI 48503. Arrival and fellowship is from 7:30 Am to 8:00 AM.  Coffee is provided.  Kevin will present from 8:00 to 8:45 AM.   See you all there!   


Imagine Flint

What types of places do you want to see in Flint? What areas should change? What areas need to stay the same? Come to a Land Use Workshop and tell us how you Imagine Flints Future

Congrats Fannie Lucille

Congrats Fannie Lucille

Kala Santrese Wilburn of Fannie Lucille. Fannie Lucille is a handbag and apparel collection that focuses on customizing individuals from the inside out. Fannie Lucille is a custom made apparel and accessories collection that enhances sporty silhouettes with luxurious techniques and fabrics.

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Kiva Flint Announcement & Celebration

Kiva Flint Announcement